A common condition, varicose veins affect approximately 20-30% of the population throughout the course of their lifetime.

Typically appearing as large, dilated veins in the subcutaneous layer, they are generally greater than 4mm in diameter and can often prove to be quite painful. This condition occurs when the valves within the leg veins fail to function correctly. Since the veins in the leg have to carry blood back to the heart against gravity, one-way valves are necessary to prevent blood pooling; when these valves fail, varicose veins often occur.

Symptoms of this condition include aching legs, swelling in the legs, dry and itchy skin, clots and inflammation in the veins, ulcers, and skin discolouration.

Varicose veins can present as both a cosmetic concern and a health concern. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatment options available to address different levels of severity. For smaller veins that are primarily a cosmetic concern, sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment option offered by Mr. Venu Bhamidi.


Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a foam sclerosant into the smaller veins. The procedure is performed in the office and involves no time off work or a recovery period.

Mr. Bhamidi reserves this treatment for smaller veins, only after ensuring that the major or large problematic veins have been suitably treated. The foam solution irritates the inside of the vein causing it to clog up and stick to itself. Given that only a small amount of foam sclerosant can be used safely at any one time, more than one session or treatment may be required over a period of several weeks to months, depending on how many small veins still need to be treated.