Port-a-Cath Insertion & Removal

As a specialist vascular surgeon, Mr. Venu Bhamidi is well versed in both the insertion and removal of port-a-caths.

Used in the treatment of a wide range of conditions, port-a-caths are relatively simple to insert and considerably simpler to remove. With such straightforward complexity, both operations are day procedures that generally require very little down time.

What is a port-a-cath system?

Port-a-cath systems are small devices that are surgically placed just under the skin (usually on the front of the chest) which are connected to a tube which is placed into the main veins in the neck. A catheter connects the port to the vein; this port also has a septum (beneath the skin) that allows for easy administration of drugs and taking of blood.

They are inserted either under general or local anaesthetic with X-ray guidance and can stay in the body for several months to years. Having a port-a-cath avoids the need to have repeated intravenous lines placed to allow for blood tests, infusions, TPN or most often, chemotherapy. For medical practitioners providing treatment, the port-a-cath makes certain tasks quicker and easier; from the patient’s perspective, this device means that treatment (i.e. injections and blood tests) produce less discomfort in comparison to the typical ‘needle stick’.

The whole procedure takes around 30-45 minutes and there are no external lines or tubes at the end of the procedure. Although port-a-cath insertions are relatively straightforward, removals are comparably simpler procedures performed under local anaesthetic. Port insertion and removal procedures are performed as a day case, meaning that patients are able to go home after the procedure.

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Following general and specialist medical and surgical training in multiple centres of excellence in Australia and New Zealand, Mr. Bhamidi completed a fellowship in Canada, before returning to Auckland to further his career as vascular and endovascular surgeon. Today, Mr. Bhamidi performs a wide range of treatments from varicose vein treatment through to leg bypass surgery and angioplasty as well as complex aortic surgery.

Port-a-cath insertions and removals are relatively minor procedures that Mr. Bhamidi performs on a regular basis.

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